Clash of Kings Customer Reviews:


Loving game

The excellent game


clash of kings is a good game you will have chance to become a king



Good game

Very cool and good game

Greatest game in the world

i will 5 star if

One: it collect much data. two: it crashes frequently because of the new update

Rubbish game...

Play games like war and order.. / dawn of titans etc....

Plz shopping resources for other country like china

I wish u can play it offline


Money game

Clash of kings

Ryan Prince Upgrade

I had recently upgraded Ryan prince to level 15 spending billions of resources purchased using money. But didn't receive the extra buff promised. Several complaints raised and COK close them without resolving and then again ask how can we help you. Today almost 1 month after reporting the complaint they replied my follow up telling that they are working on the issue. Pity to see a great game turning to a group of unethical scamers.

Cant read messages after the new update and Lots of bullying as well

Loved it


Just after your money now. NO SUPPORT. Dont answer help requests. The chat has been unusable for months. Don't waste your money. Was a fantastic game until they got greedy.

It's only for Chinese. They always break hearts. They always make 30lvl castle in some days. And they run bots. Totally for Chinese only

Seems better

But new update is not good.. i cant see mails, battle reports.. no battle reports after attacks..



Pas biat np gua

The game is fun ... the support by developers isn't

I've been playing for almost a year and it's really fun and addictive. There are lots of glitches, they rarely halt game play and you can live with them. BUT when there is a real problem and I submit a support ticket the response is never helpful or they just ignore your request.

Don't fix anything

This game is full of bugs and cheating the developer s don't do anything about it waste of a person s time don't waste money on it its not worth it go download a game that will actually do something about the problems

Unable to retrieve facebook bind account

I am unable to retrieve facebook bind account and when i switch from google account to facebook account it does not connect and load the game. This has been for weeks and is frustrating I am unable to play my main account. Before the update i can still talk to the game personel. After the update it is all auto reply. Can you please advise how to solve this?

Like it



Like it

To many hackers shame really as it could be a very

Good game

Clash of kings

A great game ....thank you developers

Not good

Is nt gd

Very good

clash of kings


You dump money and time into a castle so a much bigger castle can burn your money to ashes..waste of time and effort! China plays for don't!!! New update every week. So feed back is " for old version" File size 550mb and growing. Support is a total joke. Stay away from this ad infested.. Waste of time. You were warned

This is just a not a game because we

get many good friends from here

Clash of the kings

The shoot with bow-arrows

Cina gak adil

Mentang,mentang developer nya dri hongkong. Suka suka up kastle nya.

Wau it's game a best


If u got lot of time and money to waste this is right place for you

Too many bugs

Too many bugs, when you start the game you realise you have no troops in your case and and all resources have been indicated with 0. I tried reloading several times but still facing the same problem. I'm very addicted to the game so please try and work on it else I think I gotta stop playing

бумийдган уйн



This game is amazing Kant put it down!!!!!